Why Are Promotional Credit Cards With Sign Up Bonus Offers Great If You Are Planning Some Large Purchases

With zero percent card that has signup bonus, you earn a lot of rewards points at one time or a cash back bonus when you meet the minimum spending limit. Usually, there is a time limit for you to earn the signup bonus, for example, it may require you to spend at least $500 to earn a $150 cash bonus within a period of 3 months. Since you are going to make a large purchase, this type of rewards program will come in handy for you earn some cash back while spending money on something that you already plan on buying.

Besides the signup bonus, you also earn some rewards points when you spend money on the card. The rewards points may be earned when you spend money on selected purchase categories like rotating categories. Many cards do not have rotating categories to keep track and they let you earn a flat rate rewards point on all purchases.

The benefit of the zero percent credit card is that it waives the APR interest fees for several months. Normally, in a regular credit card, all the charges you swipe on the card will get APR interest fees if you let the balance roll over. In a zero percent credit card, no APR fees will be added onto the balance each month when you let the balance roll over to the next month.

You can take your time to pay off as long as you finish paying it off by the end of the zero percent intro period. The APR interest charge will be applied if you did not fully pay off the balance after the end of the intro period. You can sign up for a credit card with zero percent intro APR for 6 – 21 months. Rewards credit card with good signup bonus and long zero percent intro period will take a good credit score to sign up.

The zero percent intro incentive can help you to save a lot of money on the interest fees which you would have to pay if you make the purchase on a regular credit card that does not have any zero percent intro offer. This allows you to pay off a large purchase on your credit card fast instead of having to delay to many years to pay it off if you were to use a regular credit card.

When you are signing up for a rewards credit card, you must take into consideration of other costs such as the annual fee. It is best to find a card that does not charge an annual fee. If the card does have an annual fee, make sure the cost is covered by the rewards that you can redeem through the rewards program.

Which Credit Card Is Best To Use If You Travel To South America

You can get a free air ticket to South America with the points that you earn on your travel credit card. There are many travel credit cards that allow customers to transfer their points for tickets with their airline transfer partners. The following are the top 4 travel credit cards for use in your trip to South America.

1. Barclaycard Arrival Plus World Elite MasterCard

Barclaycard Arrival Plus World Elite MasterCard is a great option for use in your trip to South America because it offers 50,000 miles as signup bonus after you spend $3,000 in 90 days. The 50,000 miles is enough for you to get a travel statement worth $500. Besides, the card lets you earn 2x miles per dollar. Each mile is worth 1 cent when you use it to redeem for a travel statement credit. The annual fee is zero in the first year but you will be charged $89 in the following year.

2. Citi/Aadvantage Platinum Select World Elite Mastercard

Citi/Aadvantage Platinum Select World Elite Mastercard is another great credit card for your South America travel because it allows you to earn 30,000 Aadvantage bonus miles when you spend at least $1,000. The card comes with many perks including priority boarding, and free baggage check. Ever dollar you spend will earn you 1x mile. If you use the card to shop at American Airlines, you will earn 2x miles. You will receive up to 25% discount when you order food and drinks on the plane. The annual fee is zero in the first year. From the second year onwards, the annual fee is $95.

3. Chase Sapphire Preferred
Chase Sapphire Preferred will award cardholders 50,000 points for spending $4,000 in 3months. The points that you earn can be used in the Ultimate Rewards program. With the 50,000 points, you can redeem a ticket from airlines like LATAM Airlines, Virgin Atlantic and Flying Blue. Chase Sapphire card also let you earn 2x points on traveling and dining. The annual fee of $95 is waived during the first year.

4. Starwood Preferred Guest Amex Card
Starwood Preferred Guest Amex allows you to earn an additional 5,000 points when you transfer 20,000 points to an airline. To earn the 25,000 points, you must spend $3000 in 3 months. The card has a reward program that allows you to earn 5x points when you spend money at a Starwood property. You can transfer the points that you earn to more than 30 airline transfer partners. The $95 annual fee is waived during the first year. Starwood Preferred Guest Amex does not charge any foreign transaction fee when you shop internationally.

Top Balance Transfer Credit Card Promotions for 2017

Balance transfer credit cards allow you transfer all your credit card debts and consolidate them into a single payment. If you manage to repay the credit card debts you transfer within the intro period, you will be able to cut down your debt because you don’t have to pay the interest rates. The following are the top 5 balance transfer credit cards in 2017.

1. Chase Slate Credit Card

Chase Slate credit card offers a zero percent intro period that lasts for 18 months. To be eligible for the 18 months zero percent intro period offer, you have to perform the balance transfer within 60 days. The balance transfer fee still applies when you transfer the balance and it is about 5% or $5 minimum. The normal APR rate that ranges from 13.24% – 23.24% will apply at the end of the intro period. Chase Slate features a zero dollar annual fee.

2. Citi Simplicity Card

Citi Simplicity Card offers a 21 months zero percent APR intro period where you won’t get charge a single APR fee no matter if it is balance transfer or purchases for 21 months. It will charge a normal balance transfer fee of 13.49% – 23.49% after the 21 months zero percent APR offer comes to an end. The balance transfer fee that you will be charged each time you initiate a balance transfer is 3% or $5 minimum. All kinds of loans can be transferred to City Simplicity card for example vehicle and college loans. It requires that the debt account numbers where you transfer the balances from do not contain any alphabetical letters and has 5 figures.

3. Discover it

Discover it is offering 18 months zero percent APR intro period for balance transfers. The zero percent intro free period for purchases only lasts for 6 months. When the 18 intro period expires, the regular APR of 11.24% – 23.24% will automatically be applied onto your balance. It charges a 3% balance transfer fee on the amount that is transferred to the card. Credit cards debts as well as non credit card debts like loans can be transferred to the Discover it card.

4. Citi Double Cash Card

Citi Double Cash card is providing a zero percent intro period offer for balance transfer for 18 months. It also offers zero percent intro period for purchases but it lasts for only 6 months. The regular variable APR for Citi Double Cash card is 11.24% – 23.24%. It can be used to transfer credit card debts and the majority of the non credit card debts. You must transfer the balance to the card within a period of 4 months in order to be eligible for the intro period offer. Balance transfers are not entitled for any cash back rewards.

How Can You Reduce Your Interest Expenses During The Holidays With A Balance Transfer Card Offer

The credit card interest fees is the main reason why many people struggle to pay off their credit card debt and have to keep on carrying the burden from month to month. Lots of credit cards have interest fees that are in the range of 13% – 24% and interest charges add up the amount that you have to pay back. Many credit card companies now offer balance transfer cards for the purpose of making credit card repayment easier. Most balance transfer cards offer an introductory period, a period when no interest fee is charged on the card balance.

You must first transfer the balances of all your existing credit cards to the zero interest balance transfer card. Once your balance is transferred to the balance transfer card, you will see that the total amount that you need to pay to clear up the debt is reduced because the interest fees has been waived. Therefore, you are only making payment for the principal amount that you originally borrow from the credit card.

Comparing balance transfer card offers is easy. You simply perform a search for balance transfer cards at an online credit card comparison site and it will show you all the existing balance transfer card offers in the market. You can also visit blog reviews on the best balance transfer credit cards. These sites give you a quick overview of the most important information on the balance transfer cards including length of the 0% APR period, cash back on bonus categories, annual fee, and minimum credit score.

If your credit score is excellent or good, you will be able to qualify a balance transfer card with long 0% APR period. There are cards that offer a 0% APR period that is as long as 21 months. Many of these cards also do not have penalty and annual fees. Using a balance transfer card to clear up your debt is a great option if you believe you will be able to set aside a sufficient amount every month and finally clear up the entire debt within the 0% APR period.

You will still save money even if the card charges a balance transfer fee. The balance transfer fee is usually 3% or $5 minimum which is just a small amount compared to the amount that you save through the waiving of interest fees. Many balance transfer cards also do not have annual fee and penalty fee.

It is important that you have a steady job, the source where you will get the funds for paying the balance transfer card. You should just use the balance transfer card for paying your credit card debt and not use it for making purchases. Buying things with the card will add up to the debt that you owe which makes it hard for you to repay the debt.

Our mission is to help consumers find the top credit card promotions for 2017. We will be reviewing zero percent card offers, travel rewards credit cards and cash back credit cards with special deals for 2017. Have a hot tip for a new credit card, drop us an email or tweet at us and we’ll share it online.

Guide To Finding The Best Credit Cards For 2017

How to Find the Best Credit Cards in 2017?

The process of selecting a credit card is a highly “personalized” one—disrupted at multiple points in the journey, and constantly guided—from the setting of expense goals to narrowing down a card that exactly meets individual needs and expectations.

A card shopper’s final choice will probably depend on a combination of factors like existing credit history, near-term expense goals, long-term expense plans, borrowing patterns, and so on. In most cases, individual card shoppers typically begin with eight to ten card choices, and then ultimately track down only one or at the most two cards that meet all the needs.

This card short-listing process can be laborious and painful after going through so many comparison charts, trial applications to check eligibility, and even some rejections by card issuers for not maintaining a minimum credit score!

Most of the third-party reviewers of credit card offers seem to unanimously agree that actual customer experience is an important product feature in the life of a credit card. Market research states that frequently card holders select cards based on listed features and benefits, only to be disappointed and frustrated later. If you saw the Star Wars movie or Jurassic World you may know all about that! They did not turn out that good!

A large majority of card users in the US constantly shift from one card to another looking for the perfect credit solution.

So if you are out shopping for the most user-friendly credit card of 2017, here are some tips and advice that you may find helpful:

Get familiar with the credit industry terminology

Regardless of whether you are new to the world of credit cards or an experienced credit-card holder, it helps to keep up with the ever-evolving terminology of the credit industry. For example, Creditcards.com site provides an extensive set of glossaries of credit related terminology for different types of users such as first-time credit-card holders, students, people looking to buy a home, and so on.

Top Rated Balance Transfer Credit Card Promotions, Zero Percent Credit Card Deals and Travel Reward Credit Cards in 2017

If you happen to be one of listed categories on this page, you will certainly find a wealth of information on these glossaries. Click on the Credit Quality tab to see available card offers for existing credit card-holders with varying degrees of credit history from no credit history to excellent credit history.

Review reliable news sources on credit cards

Some news sites like US News – Best Credit Cards carry extensive reviews of current and upcoming credit cards ranked by factors that affect the majority of borrowers. This type of informative review site can be a fantastic starting point for understanding what a stellar credit card company offers. From there on, a card shopper may typically review one or two credit card sites, which allow a visitor to conduct online comparisons of two or three cards at a time for short-listing available offers.

Credit Cards For Students, Business Owners and Retired Travelers

For example, Nerdwallet.com provides a useful credit card comparison tool for a quick glance over on specific features like APR, cash back, balance transfer, rewards points, travel miles if any, and other benefits. For new card holders, this kind of feature-benefits comparison may mean the difference between selecting or rejecting a card.

Map card offers with your priorities

The US News site liked above has categorized the card offers in 11 popular groups, which are already mapped to specific needs of individuals. For example, the business owners can check on business cards targeted to business owners. The gas category has grouped cards for people who are always on the road and like to save money on gas. Pretty logical right? OK.

Then again, the hotel and airline categories have grouped credit cards meant for frequent travelers looking for special hotel deals and frequent flyer mileage. Both new card shoppers and existing card holders can benefit from this site by reviewing the already grouped cards.

Once the shoppers have shortlisted two or three cards matching their needs here, then they can visit other sites like Nerdwallet.com to conduct online comparisons. The US News listing of credit cards is not only comprehensive, but it is also updated on a regular basis.

Catch the credit card buzz on social sites

This is probably the most paramount step in the card selection process. Even though you have heard the impartial voice of third-party reviewers of credit card offers, but what about the real customers, the card users? Visit social sites related to credit cards and catch the buzz. You may learn much more about the customer sentiments and experience from these sites than anywhere else on the Internet.

Return to bookmarked cards for a final comparison

Cardoffers.com offers a bookmarked credit card comparison tool for the final comparison of two or three short-listed credit card offers. You can bookmark up to three credit cards and return to this site for a final comparison later. If your online research has revealed new information, you can always alter your choices here. This site is especially useful as it provides detailed explanation of features and benefits offered by Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express.


You can end your search with 10 Best Credit Cards, this site details the feature sets of 10 credit cards reviewed in November of 2016. The offered features on these cards may help you get a solid idea of what to look for in 2017. Similarly, in The Best Credit Cards from their Partners, Bankrate.com provides highly objective reviews of credit cards including some actual online application forms.

Let’s hope with the tips and advice provided above, you are able to:

  • Review a diverse set of card offers
  • Then have the ability to short-list specific offers based on results of your online research
  • Then you can try at least one or two online applications on a trial basis
  • Then you can focus on running a comparison to compare your favorite card features
  • Finally able to catch the customer buzz, which can significantly shape your final decision
Some Of The Credit Cards We Will Be Reviewing in 2017

American Express Cards

Amex EveryDay® Credit Card
American Express® Green Card
Blue Cash Everyday® Card
Blue Cash Preferred® Card
Gold Delta SkyMiles® Credit Card
Hilton HHonorsTM Card from American Express
Platinum Card® from American Express
Platinum Delta SkyMiles® Credit Card
Premier Rewards Gold Card

Bank of America

BankAmericard Cash Rewards™
BankAmericard Travel Rewards®
BankAmericard® Better Balance Rewards™
BankAmericard Cash Rewards™ Students
MLB® credit card
Royal Caribbean®
Susan G. Komen®

Barclay Credit Cards

Barclaycard Arrival Plus™ World Elite MasterCard®
Barclaycard CashForward™ Mastercard
Barclaycard Rewards MasterCard®
Barclaycard Ring MasterCard®
Barclaycard Visa® with Apple Rewards Card
Hawaiian Airlines® Business MasterCard®

Capital One

Journey® Student Rewards
Quicksilver® Rewards
QuicksilverOne® Rewards
Spark® cash back rewards
Spark® miles rewards
Venture® Rewards
VentureOne® Rewards


Amazon.com Rewards
Chase Freedom
Chase Ink Cash
Chase Ink Plus
Chase Sapphire Preferred
Chase Slate
Disney Premier Visa
Marriott Rewards
The Ritz-Carlton Rewards
Southwest Airlines
United MileagePlus


Citi® / AAdvantage® Platinum Select® MasterCard®
Citi® / AAdvantage® Gold MasterCard®
CitiBusiness® / AAdvantage® Platinum Select® World MasterCard®
Citi® Diamond Preferred® Card
Citi® Double Cash Card
Citi® Hilton HHonorsTM Visa Signature®
Citi Prestige® Card
Citi Simplicity® Card
Citi ThankYou® Preferred Card
Citi ThankYou® Preferred Card for College Students


Discover it® card
Discover it® chrome for Students card
Discover it® Gas and Restaurant card
Discover it® Miles card
Discover it® NHL® card
Discover it® for Students card


PenFed Premium Travel Rewards American Express® Card
PenFed Platinum Rewards VISA Signature® Card
PenFed Promise Visa® Card
PenFed Gold Visa® Card


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